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A smart and simple mobile app that connects

cannabis businesses, talent, and investors

It's Tinder like, Linkedin savvy, with a dash of


Find and connect with talent in a smart and simplet way

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Build a profile that showcases your

skills and relevance to cannabis


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Built by an awesome team with

cannabis and HR experience. We are

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Advertise your services in Links of

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newsfeed, Stay up to date with

cannabis businesses

Dedicated Newsfeed

  • Set up your profile in second
  • Simple swipe left/right actions
  • Native chat features

Responsive Design

Link time and group chat coming in

future releases plus much much more

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  • Marketing
  • Lawyers
  • Developers
  • Human Resources
  • Growers

Businesses that serve the cannabis industry

Businesses that want to advertise on our  dedicated newsfeed

Investors that are interested in Cannabis companies

Talent that wants to connect with cannabis businesses, including:

Links of Green originated with the idea that in an up and coming niche industry, using traditional resumes just felt like it was archaic and outdated. The current focus of links of Green is to connect with:

The Green Ecosystem

Users will get a full understanding of possible employment options that are in high demand in a  niche industry, at the same time keeping in the know on cannabis news updates by following the links of Green newsfeed

"Links of Green is simply brilliant. Perfect talent sourcing tool for both new 

talent and established businesses to connect."

"I didn't know or where to sart my job search when I decided to get into

the cannabis indurtry. LOG made it simple and fun."

"Cannabis businesses began to take me a lot more serious on links of green

then when I tried walking in the door looking for employment."

The Grow house

Cindy Smith

John Baker

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